The shivering in hands has gone, Right now - to the top! The fear fell into the precipice Forever, forever. There are no reasons for me to stop, I walk, sliding. And the world has no peaks That one canít conquer. Amidst the untrodden paths, One way - let it be mine. Amidst the untaken frontiers, One lies behind me. And yet the snow melts the names Of those who died here. Amidst the untrodden roads - Just one is mine. Here the entire mountain slope Shines blue with ice. And the granite quietly stores The secret of someoneís tracks. And I am looking at my dream Above all heads, And sacredly I believe in purity Of snow and words. But let the short term now pass, I wonít forget How I could kill doubts in myself In this great place. That day the water whispered to me: Have luck, my friend!" And what day was then? Oh, yes, Wednesday!
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991