Soon Iíll explode like a ton of dynamite, There is a charge of uncreative evil in me. The Muse visited my home today, She sat for awhile and then left, you see. Well, she had some weighty reasons, I donít have a right to whimper anymore. Imagine the Muse at a manís home. God knows, what people will say about her. But still I feel so lonely and offended, Because this Muse, most people will say - Stayed up with Blok for many, many nights, And lived with Balmont night and day. I ran up to the table in impatience. Oh, God, have mercy and please help. She left, and so did the inspiration, And three rubles for a taxi-cab. Iím running wild like a beast from insanity. But bless that Muse, I forgave her then. She must have gone to someone elseís house, Looks like I didnít treat her well. A huge cake filled with birthday candles, Has dried up from grief, and I feel the blues. I drank the cognac with my evil neighbors, The one that I prepared for my Muse. The years passed, like people in a black list. Everythingís in the past, Iím yawning all the time. She left so silently, muttering in English, But she submitted to me these two lines: "I am a genius, get rid of doubts, Give the delights, flowers and be wise!" I remember that wonderful moment, When you appeared before my eyes."        
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991