In the city of Leningrad near Five Corners place Sanya Sokolov Got hit in the face: Out of tune the lad had sung and he made a scene, - Well, it means, was rightly done, what was due to him. In the city of Leningrad - only grace and peace! Whereíre the punks, whereíre the thieves? You just can not see! You canít compare with Athens - Itís cold and bright at night, Though - the Swedes are here with Finns, - well, itís all right! In the city of Leningrad - Taxis, like everywhere, - But no chance of stopping them - do not even dare! If you drink too much of vodka while you drunk and then - Even if you do not want, youíll get to a taxi stand!
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017