I was the highest grade fitter, I used to throw my pay to the wind, - I was getting paid as much as I needed - And plus a bonus every quarter pulled in. If you drink, - you know yourself - A person must have something of his own, - Well, and beside my bride in Ryazan, I have two sluts in Moscow - I know. To Ryazan - parcels and letters Iíve sent And to the sluts - myself and wine, - Every evening - the same punishment, And all night - the same torture of mine. I can see, that my health disappear, At work - all my products is defect, itís a mess, - All my strength not enough, not even near - And plus bonuses every quarter, I guess. On my mug wrinkles and bruises appeared, - And then Iíve told them without a sound: Get lost, both of you - my health is more dear, - Go and find some other marks around!... If you only new, how much better I felt, How wonderful - I wish that anyone could see: I drink away all the wages myself - And plus quarterly bonus Iíve received!
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017