No one buying any food - Everyone forced to save the money: The cholera mows down rows that stood, - But people close together the lines. Caucasus is closed, "Aeroflot" is in the red, And in Astrakhaní the water melons being burn in vain, - But worker wonít leave machine-tool, yet, And health ties are getting stronger, just the same. The whole country is suffering the loss everywhere, But there is believe, that not everything is based on faith, - To the death war is declared One miserable, poor cholera must face. The people have risen on labor watch for you, For the battle with new found blight, - No pasaran, the cholera will not go through, No - to cholera, and thatís it, and ball is finished for tonight!         Iíve dealt the cards yesterday on Queen of clubs, And called her as a joke cholera, - And Iíve understood: the cholera - itís a bluff, To me it now seems like a chimera. And Iíve gain now some more sense, Iíd say, I feel myself like Gulliver, And Iíve understood: the cholera - is not a plague, - And everyone has always itís own cholera! Iím sure: the cholera soon will come to a fiery end, Come on - start the volley of thousand cannons! Forward!.. To catch the cholera only can Cholericís - unrestrained people, but us, itís not on.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017