In the beginning there was a Word of longing and despair, In the throes of creativity the planet was born, - Big chunks were ripped from dry land to nowhere And somewhere islands were formed. And, wandering around the world without the flag and freight Through millions of years, eras and centuries, that went, An island had changed itís face, vagabond and hermit, But preserved the nature and soul of continent. In the beginning there was a Word, but the words came to an end, Already the sailors were populating the earth, - And they rushed up along the steps to the islands, For beauty sake called them ships, of course. But the shore is holding tight - more reliable, then stranglehold, - And the islands will come back for sure at the end, Sea rules are reign in there - special rules they called, On them the laws kept save and honor of the continent. For this parallel will the science forgive us, For the freedom of interpretation of theoryís, - But if already in the beginning there was the word on Earth, Then this, certainly, - word is "sea"!        
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017