Itís altogether not a french cancan, not french - It was decided to draw you into a magic fountain, - Everything flows, change and beats - donít weep! - Who is bathing in the fountain is rich indeed. Why are you mate, in such a mess, You got stupid, while accepting poverty, or what! Have a dip in a black splatter, Have a dip in a black dirt! Messing in it, messing - Who cares, if wetter than multiped, - Everyone hope to end up In gold - like a fairy tale prince. Not for every sorts the fountain is open - Oh no, - But for everyone today cancan - ballet. This fountain was bought, all of it no exception, Well, the splashes are flying here between you, And the gates by the entrance to a fountain - Like a jaw, Be careful: you can get into the trap! If you have holes in the pocket-how to pay the account?! Another one will pop up - if in the fountain you will drown.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017