Like yeast dough, the records grow fast, And in the close perspective, maybe, The boxers will smash each other mugs, And soon there will be nothing left to hit. The long jumper will jump abroad of course, And the one who will jump in height, - Will take off and never land on earth, Hitting the Tu-104 in flight. Capabilities of a sportsman are boundless, And even in the heat - those who play football - Become so tactful and harmonious, That in a single game they will score all the goals. Now, when you’re offside - you’re penalized, no less, And in the future: the one who is off - top lad, The weight lifters will snatch, jerk and press All the steel, (cast iron), iron and (lead). Will merge together all of the finishes and starts, With ease will breathe the fan, The lovers of excitement will switch to a game of cards, Eager to score a treasured (twenty one). And once and for all will declare checkmate To each other the grand masters in one moment, And the umpires will become the lawyers straight away, - Every ex-champion for them is a client.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017