Along the river of life an honest Greek swam, And drowned, or maybe a cancer has caught up with him. The Greek was involved in dobbing a man - And the Greek than, really got in to the drink. He has the roots of kindness, this sod - Thatís why he began to delate, - "To snitch" - ordinarily used word. And at the same time it means - "betray". Or there is another similar example: Because of his origin he took off on and on, - He started from the deep, from people, And didnít really want to return. He swallowed reproaches and yawned from boredom, He new, that from the people he did separate, - But "separate" - Itís scientific lexicon, And using our jargon itís "run away".                                        
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017