Iím at peace, - He showed me the way. Do not lurk, - he ordered, - and Iíll say, till blue; All those who prosecuted me, beat or betrayed, - The one whom I serve, will punish you. Maybe the knife under the ribs, - I donít know how, Or will burn down their possessions with the house, Or will be crushed, dismissed, deprived of freedom... After some years - I also donít know when Later, now, and maybe itís already on: Fate wonít be overtaken on the turn And by your crooked way you wonít get by, Recklessly, you also wonít prevail... And, as far as Iím concerned! Iím at peace, as for me, even if you die Be it by stones, buckshot or hail.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018