Though in our century there is nothing to surprise us, or to shock, But for that we weren’t ready, - The dolphins learned to talk! And the first phrase was:" People, you are crazy!" The scientists were freaking out, "Come on, repeat!" they exclaimed, And same again:" People, what are you!.." they shout, And furthermore:" People what are you doing, are you insane? Soon you won’t reap your fruits, and what then? Well, we will find some disposition... - But after all, you have a grudge against the ants, And you have the mosquitos under suspicion..." Lilly himself hid in the water all the ends, But the press doom and gloom announcing, That among the dolphins there are wise men, And there are *hunveybins among the dolphins. Yesterday I drunk a small carafe at local Inn And, God knows, just for a moment I left my post. And here you are, one notorious dolphin Screamed:" Down with communications!" and got lost. And when the second dolphin caught up with his mate And tried to convince him:" Renounce sedition, you fool", He also called him renegade And to top it, he shouted: " You are a hummel bull!"
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2019