A scatterbrain driver will cut short my life for evermore. My corpse from morgue no one will claim. They’ll take my skull into the museum of local lore, To make the lotto or the dominoes they’ll take my skeleton remains. That’s it, I’ve decided, I’ll drink some tea and die: It’s unbearable to overcome my insignificance. No, it’s better if it happens at sunrise, Otherwise, just lie all night, till I’ll be missed. In the museum they’ll cheat the folk, Though the people do not give a damn, I think. With a pointer the guide straight in my eye will poke And he will say: " Here is a missing link". Or in the form of dominoes they’ll bring me to the square, They’ll mixed them up, turned them upside down on the board And, creating "fish"1, may be, the pensioner For the first time will remember me with a kind word. Like an ordinary pedestrian I walked through life, Not to be late,I’ve always got up at such an early time... The one who said, that he respected me, he lies. One... no self respecting drunken swine.
1 "Fish" - In the Russian game of dominoes called "Goat" is when both sides of domino’s line ends with the same number and none of the players have a domino chip with it. Men used to play, chess, dominoes and checkers at the small squares between the blocks of flats in Russia and in other republics of the former Soviet Union.

In memory of my cousin Sophia, who was killed by an idiot driver in Moscow on pedestrian crossing.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018