Everything became for us unclear, In Tau Kita, the distant constellation, - We sending the signal: "Whatís going on there?" - And they send us back: "Fuck..." - Iíd rather not mention. On Tau Kita They running of room on this star - They, by the way, live differently - Our friends with the same mentality. Here Iím, moving with the speed of light Without a sweat, but with some help from above, Towards that Tau Kita, precisely I fly, So I can right there sort it out. On Tau Kita Something is wrong with the star - There, the taukitaiskiy1 brotherhood Gone crazy, - as we understood. While I lie in suspended animation, Those taukitans are brawling,- Ever less Iíve with them communication: They are such hooligans, itís their calling. The taukitans alphabet Has only few words, it must be said - And their order is bourgeois, Their humor is ugly by far. I landed my starship, like my own but, Slightly bending the reflector though. I shouted in taukitans:"Vivat!" In our language it is "Hello!" The taukitans love to cheat, All their appearance is a deceit, - We canít compete against them there: They can appear and then dissolve in the air... To me taukitans- like papuan for you - They were mentioned to me only briefly, I think, I shouted:" The Galaxy is ashamed of you!" - In reply they winked me with something. On Tau Kita, The conditions are tough: Itís stuffy here, there is no atmosphere,- But taukitans are friendly and fair. In the heat of the moment I screamed: fuck your moother, something like that!.. But my cibernetic guide did well So precisely translated what I have said, That I was ashamed of myself. But taukitans Are such a scum - Perhaps, they managed to fill themselves with alcohol: They appear, or quickly dissolved... "Youíre men, I scream, youíre brothers by sex! So why..." then my voice disappeared. I grabbed taukitan woman by the breasts: Come on,- Iím saying, - confess, my dear!.. "Go away!" she said - Sort off, weíre way ahead - We donít want to do anything with men, - And from now on, weíll use agamobium2! I donít remember how my starship left the planet, In a drinking mood Iím flying: The Earth must have moved three hundred years ahead According to wretched theory of Einstein! What if, also there, on Earth, As on Tau Kita it was, The knowledge terribly increased, - What if, even there, agamobium now they practised?!
1 for some reason Vysotsky spelled it like Russian word for "chinese".
2 sexless reproduction.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018