Strange are the tastes and needs of mine, - I知 exotic, to put it mildly, indeed: I can chew on glasses and at the same time - Without dictionary the works of Schiller read. There are two of Me, two poles of the planet, Two different people, two foes: When one strives to go to the ballet - Straight for the run the other goes. I won稚 allow in my mind anything excessive, When I live as a person number one, - But very often breaking out free The second me in the form of a villain. And I知 fighting, squeezing the bastard in me, - Oh, my restless destiny! - I知 afraid of a mistake: it may well be, That I知 squeezing not the second Me. When in my soul I知 opening the galley proof On those places, where itself is sincerity, - On credit then the waitresses giving me the food And woman caressing me for free. But now fly to hell all the ideals, But now I知 rude, intolerant and angry, But now I知 seating and stupidly eating the glasses, While throwing Schiller under the table. ...And the court is on, the whole courtroom looks me in the back. You, prosecutor, you, comrade judge, here is my plea, Believe me: the shop window I didn稚 break, But vile second Me. And I知 begging you: judge me not - Just give me time, but don稚 give me time! - As a spectator I will attend the court And to the prisons sometime dropping by.         I知 no longer intend to break the shop windows And citizens faces, write it down all! I will join two halfs, two foes Of my sick split in two soul! I値l get rid off, bury, burn, - Clean up myself, will not hide a thing! It痴 so alien to me this my second, - No, this is not my second Me!
Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018