Without these machines, we are like the birds without the wings, - More than potion us bewitched A couple hundred horsepower engines And, perhaps an evil spirit. Along the route very easy overtake us a small vehicle - Of course we are offended when overtaken, - But we are looking down on them - kerfuffle At the foot of our cabin. And for us, triaxial men, Itís heavy work to climb In figurative sense And in the direct sometime, As a rule the need is hard to bear, And always no time to spare, - Itís understandable, itís a long haul. In this runs, the truck seat either table, or a bed, And a partner accounts for brother, We wake up when turning right or left - We are almost in another world with the right tyre. They say, all the endpoints of the earth Looming on us with a great deal of money, They say, rubles - like length kilometers In our wake spread out behind. Not often ends with shower This final point, - The engines are cut out - And we lie flat on the soil. Let them say, we are driving trucks And chasing great amount of bucks, - Yes, that too! Only the essence is not in it for us. On the plains we sing, on the climbs we scream, - More truck drivers for us, we are saying! Because, those who chasing a fortune, Theyíll crush on uneven terrain. On the full tank I swear, if it doesnít broken, - Those who in our galley will sit everyday, Weíll make them look like a decent men, And, of course, they will have driverís faith. A down, the earth will be, When we lie on it Half a day under the belly - We working our magic. On dew we do not step on - All our axes, all the tones Bend in an ark wet highway. On the wheels, is our home, behind the steering our roof and the table, - It should be considered in the estimates. With each other we are calculate In a short sleep in roadside cuvettes. Leapfrog of the long days, then the rays, then the shadows of night... And in the hours of night crossing In front of us running without signal lights Dashing freedom of drivers. Just sit and get warm - Rocking like in a saddle... Without long hauls - There is no life on this planet! The one who gave up, once and for all, Who sat behind the wheel as if he was in a gaul - He is not capable of a long haul.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018