I live in the best of the worlds - I have no need for a shack! The earth is my bed and my roof is skyfall, My grave is a ditch, the forest my walls, - Shivers down the back. But I feel great! Itís nice for me to live in the land - In a ditch, at the very bottom - In the silence that so pleasant. Scorching rays, no need for firewood, - Anyone - come in to my domain! Only what a pity, they donít fix the roof, And in this best of the worlds Sometime even rains. But I feel great! You donít believe me, then come in, Sit down and stop whining, - Make sure you donít wake me! And everything is wonderful, the way I like, - Praise gods from me indeed! Also I have a hole on my belt, to make tight, And a steed I couldíve ride - Only I donít have a steed. But I feel great! All the troubles is too much talking. Iím making sounds on the strings, Three days in a row I sing - Do listen to me!
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018