For the umpteenth time I fly Moscow - Odessa, - Again the plane not allowed to leave. And lo!. Walked by all in blue, like a princess the stewardess - Reliable, like all our civil air fleet. Above Murmansk - not a cloud right now, And you can even fly to Ashgabat and everywhere, Open for flights Kiev, Kharkov, Chisinau, And Lvov is open, - but I donít need to go there! They told me:"Donít rise your hope today - Itís not worth it to rely on skies!" And here again flight to Odessa is delayed: Now - the runway is covered with ice. And in Leningrad - the snow melting, the spring is on, - And why not to fly to Leningrad, I swear! In Tbilisi - itís obvious, it must be warm, There, the tea is growing, but I donít need to go there! I hear: rostovites are flying out, - And Iím desperately need to go to Odessa, right?! And I need to go there, where for three days Iím not allowed, - Thatís why they have postponed the flight. I need to go - where the snowdrifts are high, Where tomorrow, the snowfalls expected everywhere!.. And though somewhere everything is clear and bright - Itís nice somewhere, - but I donít need to go there! Weíre not allowed to fly from here, and there, weíre not excepted, - Iíts not fair - Iím sad, - but wait Available, like all our civil air fleet, The stewardess invites us to the boarding gate. Opened the farthest corner of our round rock, Where one couldnít be lured for a prize, I fear, Open previously shut port Vladivostok, Paris is open, - but I donít need to go there! When weíll take off, it will clear up - now restrictions will be removed! The liner strained, we heard the screeching of turbine... Iím seating like on needles - what if the flight again wonít be approved, - Again they will find many reasons to decline. I need to go - where the blizzards, fog and no sun, Where tomorrow snowfalls expected everywhere!. Open London, Deli, Magadan - Theyíve opened everything, - but I donít need to go there! Iím right, should I laugh or should I cry-but again flight delay, again stress - And leading us back to the past, indeed Slim all around, like TU1, miss Odessa, same stewardess - That looked like all our civil air fleet. Again they delay till eight - And the citizens obediently falling asleep... Iíve had enough, go to hell, I say, - And Iím flying there, where they will accept me!
1 Soviet airplane designed by Tupolev.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2017