Itís all started in September, The first day of school, new faces. Joy of getting together in the school yard, The tightness of embraces... And stories: someone - about the fish they caught, Someone-about wild ducks and stables Everyone new about hundred hours worth Of jokes and fables. Someone the whole summer spent In his flat interior, But he told to all kids than, As if he were in Siberia. Victor walked around the yard And argued with Ivan: He spent the summer in the village, And Ivan - by the sea. Victor has never been to the Crimea, But he was teasing Ivan: He tried to prove to him, That in the village is better. There his granddad took him At night to lake Onega, - Well, and all that sort of things, Well, and much more. "What? The hunt? What rubbish! Donít you get it, youíre weird, canít you see! - After all, at sea - power boats and fish, After all, there are yachts at sea! And in the river - the water not the same, Itís shallow, - laugh and sorrow!" - *Vanya foaming like insane Was advocating for the sea. "There, the water - you can sleep on it! - Vanya was getting hot under the collar, it seems I swear to God, in five days I did I learned to swim! There the seashells- different shapes, And plenty of corals! There are crabs, and there was a storm with huge waves A decuman waves all around us! There are dolphins - so many, you wouldnít believe it! - They are jumping funny!" - He argued and bit by bit Lied of course our Vanya. They both argued, and screamed - Almost missed the bell, - But they were stopped just in time, it seemed - They were called to the lessons as well. And than it happened to pour soul: One moment and two in the diary1... To tell about the parts of the world Victor was called to the blackboard The questions were bullshit Repeat, you can say: Those parts, we studded it A year ago - in the fifth grade.
1 The school marks in USSR were: from 1 to 5. Two was bad mark. Your marks was written in to the diary by the teacher and you have to show it to your parents and they have to sign the page.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018