I believe in our common star, the brightest one, Though, for awhile we didn’t follow it, - We still were left unharmed - While our train was derailing at full speed. The tipper smashed front on our car, But we knew, what we’re looking for, we’ll find, And we’re not once end up in the coffin so far, Where there are no hope to all who end up dying. Disasters, falls, - but in between - We were taking off there, where warm nights and days, You simply didn’t loose the hope, And me - I was very lucky with the faith. Even now, when both of us fly, Though, not on the safest planes, - They create intimacy for us, by switching off the light, Even the engine sing for us in low notes our names. There were "TU" and "ILs", "AN"1, - I believed, that in Barnaul, in Paris - We will board the plane, and if we crash in to the ocean - Both of us even the blue shark couldn’t eat! All of us are mortal - and people are laughing around: You won’t be seeing your city’s at all! But I knew: everyone will be smashed on the ground, You and I - no way in the world! It seems to me, I can handle so much, if I try - That mere mortal don’t have such a strength and dexterity: That I can catch you on the fly - And we together will glide to Tahiti. And if we’ll fall ill, any of us With some deadly sickness, so be it. Even with the sparks from our eyes, - it will pass, Even with groans and hangover vomit. Let in the area of Mason-Lafitte Will fall ill fated " Skylab" And fate will deceive everyone - finita, - It couldn’t deceive us!
1 "TU", "IL", "AN" constructors names of the Russian aircraft’s.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018