For professionals - the pay is exceptional, - Who cares, that they spitting their teeth in the ice ring. They get paid big bucks - huge thousands to score a puck, - And even for a draw, and when you do not win. The player is cunning - let him make a body check, Smashing his foot in to the face and absolutely can not play, - And as a result cripples the legs - And instead of hockey stick he walks with a hock. For professionals, reckless of anything small, - The game is lottery, - who gets lucky. They playing with a partner - like a bull with a matador, - Though, it seems, itís excepted - on contrary. As if he is dead Lying your partner, - And so be it, to hell with him - let him lie. Do not blunder, bull, - god wants a puck, God on the stand - he will not forgive! For professionals the umpire as criminal doesnít consider neither box, or angry feast fight, - And around twenty years with them who could complete - How can a schoolboy fight with a hand picked gang?! Well, but recently their main trump - not a trump any more, just so - a trifle, - And with their own wepon now just as good They get, beaten and beside - by the speed. Professionals in their Montreal Let them break their noses, I donít mind, - but their representative (you can ask - if you want!) Recently got stuck between two lines. First was prostrated, and after - first aid patch. And their pastor - well, like for a bad luck! - Before the battle he knew, that they a bit weak, - They all lined up and pray - it didnít help. For professionals by different channels - Too much, or too little - to a bank account, - And our players for the same payment Five times already going ahead! Let in the top league they weaving intrigues, And let them Canadian calling hockey - But we have the last word, - till we meet again! And football players - we wish better days.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018