And why wouldnít I be afraid of flying, When my boss, F.A. Malyavyn, Like a needle always stabbing where itís sore: "Oh, - he saying, - poor soul! They even in Chicago Had an accident three days ago!..." At least he shouldíve spit: we are people - brothers, after all, Itís just two of us and not under the red banner, - But he knows, devil: for the firm, when called I would go anyhow, on anything and anywhere!                     We are in to a restaurant - to ask there for take away, no use, But we are OK in any case - peace and quiet, - we are waiting, - The doorman will run in and shout: " Who is on Vilnius! Calmly continue to drink! " For me to fly, like a noose and a sharp knife: Neither smoke, nor drink or eat, And also - for safety sake, when you fly - You must buckle up yourself to the seat! Iím towards the robot: the brain power he has a lot - Iím standing and smiling like an idiot: The robot gave me such a reply, cretin! Unbelievable, - in Yeysk - Already are the European ways: Freedom of speech, - but only if obscene.                 A friend told me - those wouldnít lie, I bet: He was seating once, without safety belt, Suddenly - explosion! But he even ready for that; Even here he found the way out - He spread out the quilted jacket And landed on the flower bed...         In vain Iím pulling my hair, I needlessly worried at all: If emergency will be in the air - I íll land on Chinese raincoat, when fall! But, vaguely feeling anxious, - I remember: I went without a raincoat, - But what have you done, Catherine, my Catherine! Only my neighbours, two old hags - Foisted me food in a string bags, But the string bags let the air in... My flight is announced, or is it? I donít remember, Iíd rather snooze a little - friend, I donít want to be awake! But I can hear:" Passengers for November! Your departure is postponed to May! "         You can count me as a complete idiot, But even there I would fly "Aeroflot": Over there -goodbye - and into the sky, you like it or not. And here - sit and get warm: Always the flight is postponed, - Though one day, but at least one extra day to live youíve got!                                            
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2018