Falls and sunsets were left behind our back, If only a paltry, if only take-off, with no prying eyes! I want to believe, that our jackets in black Will give us a chance today to see the sunrise. Today they told us before the people: Die like a heroes! Weíll try - alright! Weíll see who of us survives. My only thought was, puffing someoneís smokes: Everyone will do his best, - for me important to see the sunrise. Special company - special honour, the sapper has got. Behind the branches, on my back with a knife, donít jump, Donít try in vain, - even with my throat cut Today Iíll see the sunrise, before the final outcome. We walked behind the lines, holding on, not to kill the sleeping foe. When we cut the wire, suddenly I saw, before my eyes, - Sunflower, sensitive, green, a little raw Already turned his head towards the sunrise. Behind our back, there were left-I know, - Not only falls, sunsets, but take-off and sunrise. Two bare wires Iím stripping with my teeth, itíll blow, - I didnít see the sunrise, but understood: itís about to rise. Moving back our company, the loss so great. What happened - no matter, what matters is, the fort blown up to the skies. I want to believe, that our rough trade Gives you a chance, tax free, to see the sunrise.
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2016