I lough like mad - like at distorting mirrors Iíve been, - Someone must be played a deftly hoax on me: Hooks of the noses and up to the ears grin - Like at carnival in Venice! Around me the ring is closing at pace - They grab me, got me involved in a dance, - So thatís when, my normal face They all took for a mask, perhaps. Petards, confetti... But everything is not as itís should be, - And masks with reproach are looking at me, - They shout, that once again - Iím out of beat, That Iím stepping on the partners feet. What should I do - to run and very quick? And maybe, together have fun in their place? I hope - that under the mask of a beast There can be a human face. Everyone are in the masks, in the wigs - all are in, - Some from the fairy tale, and some - from a roman... My neighbor on the left is sad harlequin, The other - executioner, And every third one - dumb. One tried to whiten himself so hard, The other - hiding his face from all the fuss, And some - donít have the strength to tell apart Their own face from indispensable mask. I lough while stepping into a circle dance, when asked, - And yet, Iím not in peace with this lot: And what if, someone likes a hangman mask And like it so much - he wonít take it off? Suddenly, the harlequin will grow sad for good, Admiring himself his face so sad, What, if the fool his own stupid look On his normal face will just forget?! How not to miss a kind face - a task How can I distinguish the honest - unknown They all have learned to wear the masks, So they donít smash their faces on the stone. Nevertheless, Iíve broke the secret of the masks, - Iím sure, that my analyses is right: That masks of indifference in others might - Be a defense from from spittle and face slaps.                        
© Anatoli Trojanowski. Translation, 2016