Oh, where was I last night? I shall not find the place. Just remember the walls were so colorful And remember Mimmy and her girlfriend - embrace And my kisses with them: sweet and powerful. In the morning I woke People started to tell At the hostess - Iíd cursed Tried to frighten all guests That was galloping nude That was singing mad song And my father I said City Boss - very strong! Also tore off red shirt, tried to drum on my chest Crying all had betrayed me so cheap and for good Not allowing the guests to take even a breath Singing loudly songs so insulting and rude. In a while stopped to drink For the reason - was tired Started crushing what saw: Crystal vases and lamps Splashed French wine on the walls And white china tea set Opened window to throw - Threw it down, they said. And nobody could tell me even a word A minute later or so they collected all might And attacked like a storm: - tied my hands with a rope And they finally all - took revenge at the site. Someone spat in my face Vodka poured on my head And one dancer with force Kicked my belly by leg The young widow at once Knowing men need respect (Life gives chance only once) Cried and weeped to protect. I lay pale on the floor with my face smashed, no name And pretended was close for surrendering Set me free, let me go, letís now finish the game They released me but fighting remembering. After that started Hell Canít describe it in words Itís enigma to me Whatís the source of my force? At the end of the life I, like beast deadly shot Broke all windows and doors And the balcony dropped. Oh, where was I last night? I shall not find with light Just remember nice ladies - two images. Damaged face, ruined name - not the slightest delight How to live? Where to go? With these damages? If all mentioned is true Or a fragment of that One alternative left Either lie or to die I am glad that the widow Could the nuisance forgive Pity took on my fate And with me wants to live.
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022