Yellow lights within my dream In the dream I snoring. Wait a bit, just wait a bit - Itís much wiser morning. But the morning cannot help Fun is not as ever - Either kill yourself by smoke Or by drinks, for ever.         In the pubs a greenish jar Snow - white napkins - near Simply heaven for the fools Me-like caged reindeer. In the church thereís gloom and smell Deacons - incense burning, There is also not so well Not so well - as learning. In a hurry to the hill - Running from disaster. Praying hard against my will - To be saved by Master. If the slope is good for run - It would be so pleasant, No my fellows, no more fun Life - the only present.         Barefooted, rain, no light GOD is not in vision Should I Find a way to Light? - Difficult decision. Forest thick, for ever lost, Witches everywhere, Sharpened axes in reward - Execution there. Lazy horses dance to beat - Reluctantly and slowly. Dance is never incomplete - As the end is lonely. Neither church nor famous pub - Nothing sacred here. Think my dears all is wrong! But judgment day - is near!        
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022