I donít tell lies, believe me - donít powder your brain! The whole platoon was busy in killing me that day. What reason for that evil and foolish verdict was? No one must know exactly - though only angel knows! Commander saved me nearly from death. But higher Boss on shooting did insist. And the platoon fulfilled the verdict - "death" - But there was one - who trying to assist. My fate is full of blunders - it never goes right way - My prisoner was captured behind front line one day. But failing to deliver means punishment for life This fact was not forgotten - and waiting as a knife. A chief of staff produced substantial lies Material collected - false to deal, Nobody could do anything to help, Except that one - who had not shot to kill. The hand gave them a signal with sudden shout "death", The shots resembled password to black side of the earth, But hear "bring the doctors! This scoundrel still alive!" To practice double shooting is nonsense for a while. My doctor shocked - that I was still alive Extracting bullets from my wounds with skill And I - in dreams - was speaking to that guy - Unknown one - who shot but did not kill. I licked my wounds like puppy - to cure - to survive In hospitals, say frankly, respect and constant drive Young ladies - fascinated - smiled often speaking to "Hey, you, half - executed, injections wait for you". Crimea fightings were heroic for platoon And I was sending sugar for the meal To make the fighting sweeter for that guy For whom? For one - who shot and did not kill I spent the time enjoying - my tea with drinks - relaxed I did not have to perish, was ready to come back My regiment was fighting! "Go-fight-commander said" "The fact not executed - is really not bad!" Was also glad, but standing at the tree I cried so bitterly-cursed fate and will A German sniper Executed me - By killing that, who had not shot to kill.
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022