As for the meeting - what I want to say? I waited for, as people wait disaster. We promptly made great love with you that day Not be afraid of tragedy - to master. I quickly narrowed ring of friends of yours, Dressed, washed you from the mud with my inspections, But after you there trailed along - long tail - The longest tail of your short love connections. Then I remember gave lessons to your friends I did not feel like comfortable near Although quite possibly there were among the beasts - For sure t-h-o-se who were for you so dear. What you requested - I performed at once - I needed love so passionate and sex-full Because of you I tried to kill myself But thanks to God, I - was not much successful. If you could only wait for me and pray When I was sent directly to the prison - I would agree to steel whole universe - Two ruby stars in Kremlin for this reason. And Iíll swear - I shall be last nit "Not drink, not lie I shall forgive your treason Iíll present you with the theatre "Bolshoj", - Red Square wall with love, for bigger reason. And now - today - not keen to see again I am afraid of YOU and intimate long fights - The same way as the people of Japan - Afraid to see Hiroshima last nights.
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022