Dear my T.V. transmitter we each Saturday in tears. In the lunatic asylum all inhabitants seem crazy. In stead of bath, lunch, nice injections, slowly fall into oblivion, They all rush, to watch Your programme as T.V. is drugs - for lazy. Trouble-maker, fake professor Talked a lot about problems: Full debility of science before mysterious Bermudas. Patients minds broke into pieces, convolutions all destroyed - Med.-authorities to calm us add injections, when annoyed. Dear Editor! Please better speak about - nuke reactor, Or the beloved moon buggy tractor It is insane-be frightened weekly by the news about saucers, flying high with huge resources, barking ruins, singing desserts dancing crabs and screeching parrots. We know these subjects inside out, by braking saucers every day Dog’s fat meat - the cook said - out seeds for pigs-for us-o’kay. As for tablets - never swallow unless a fool - drop in the drain quite structured life, and now Bermudas, big lunacy for the insane. We have not exposed the scandal Real leaders-never gamble. Lack of natural, crazy patients - Restricts the quantity of leaders. As for the rubbish seen and shown We have ravings - our own. they should never play with candle We know tricks and how to handle!!! The problem is - slim T.V. monsters mix pure cognac with cocaine all that stuff invented Churchill long times ago - in use again. Seeing news about fires, gas explosions, candy guns we evoked appeal to Heaven - but guards fixed leaders one by one. All - who were as monkeys - active Were crushed up - became inactive. Paranoia leader crying: like a witch in crazy battle "Set us free! We are the victims! Let us go! We are not cattle!" Our souls are in hell’s fire! Seal my lips! My last desire! Forty souls like wolves are howling Glowing white - seen with no light All because of those Bermuda’s strange triangle - dark as night. Viewers all - became demented Even one who crazy was After that med.-boss Margulis said T.V. was overdose. There He - "Snake" looms in the window Conceals the plug behind his body Gives the sing to his assistant: shut T.V. off - if persistent. What is left for us - injections, slow descent onto well’s bottom, perish there being rotten In Bermuda’s depths, forgotten. And tomorrow our children Who do come to visit us Ask: "What Dads have said the Bosses? - Future Nobel prize resources?" We shall tell the truth, remember, As it is - we won’t surrender. Let them know: "True magic - near! Only banned! But sweet and dear!" One example, dentist Rudic had transistor-set - brand "Grundig" picked up German waves and voices In his head now has strange noises. He worked there - "fashion dealer" Running mad on - "Armadillor". Arrived to us all brains - in troubles: Tags on legs and eyes like bubbles. He ran distressed and looked as mimic, Told us the news - which shocked the clinic: In Bermuda’s damned triangle The ocean scientific liner - perished, ran out of fuel broke in pieces - disappeared, but our two crazy brothers - Had been saved - from depths! - Appeared! Those survived the cataclysmus Remain for life in pessimismus yesterday - both in glass boxes were delivered - fixed as oxen. And the younger man - mechanic told us - had excaped from nurses - that Bermuda’s polyhedron - the open bowels of the Earth-is! What had happened? How you managed? Everyone would like to know. but the mechanic trembled over With one wish: drink, smoke, and go. He was laughing, then was crying. Was offensive - wild hedgehog, He was jerking at the patients - Complete crazy - rabid dog. The former alcoholic leader Cursed, exploded - "Pink frogs breeder" We should drink that wet triangle - for three persons - won’t be bad? Got excited as was sure if divided into drops - the triangle will be drunken: even if parallelpiped, square, circle - or even pops. Badly wound the souls and bodies - poison voices from the West. We make mistakes that are not jamming broadcastings, voices and the rest. As they all - by warlike essence - undermining and destroy nourish us with crazy stories And s-exotic cream "Playboy". Lecturers from Moscow office those - who make us feeling nervous spreading news about failures, global troubles, fakes and bubbles to cure us-use Us - convicted In your mysterious triangle, It will quicker turn your angle - into a lunatic asylum. Maybe this insane idea don’t reject it on the spot. Call to us - in case - "delusioned" Through the Snake - who knows a lot. Signature. The date. Best wishes. Please respond to our band, If you don’t reply - no warries We’ll complain to - Zombyland.
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022