My choice today for great variety To practice what is my anxiety, And if Ninno is more than practical I’ll risk my life, for better spectacle. Stop foolish guy! She works for city gang. Why doing so? Love is a big, big bang!!! Stop funny man! We are a family Let’s go to pub to drink for Emily. Your hands today keep off my dignity Your drinks today are not a novelty Ninno today is quite agreeable My fate today becomes quite visible. The trouble is with “famous” Ninnochka She practiced sex in pub Ordynochka To sleep with her will be a crazy move I spit at that I want the girl - “L’amour”! She says - she cares - the love which never dies One hundred bucks to one she simply lies Ninno herself sticks with her offe-r-ings For me the same - she is my future wings. She speaks like horse, far from sterility Her eye is bruised and legs move differently She always dressed like beggar - nearly For me the same, I praise her dearly. The people say she is not beautiful For me - she-super: lips are kissable I close my eyes - she in the city gang I am in love, love is a big, big bang!
© Alexander Spiridonov. Translation, 2022