That had begun early. One o’clock. The bell. The counts are getting up. Listen Vovik, booze is needed. All the friends want it. We have met here: one glass, another glass... What? Is that all? Is that the end of it? If once such a booze begins, Cut up the last cucumber! Meanwhile bottles and glass receptacles are used. We have soup and aspic. If once such a booze begins - Cut up the last cucumber! Suddenly Akimov cried - son of a bitch "I don’t go, end of it!" But Malyukin told him: "Cut up the last cucumber!" Shouts, screaming, a quarrel Kochanovski - slanderer Cried: "If there is some booze Cut up the suitors of Moscow!" Suddenly Vefechka went to the bathroom... And Besrodny said after him: "If F. Malyukin is drunk - Cut up the last bolt." They spit out everything like the yankees, And went into the warmth. And after the booze Only the drunk Gorchover stayed. In the morning they are all hungry Soup, where are you aspic? Brothers - for the next booze - You bring the cucumber!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2017