I loved women and daring pranks. There wasnít a day without a new one, - There were personal stories About my love affairs. And once on the way somehow Beside the sea - thatís no joke, I met one of the many On my way with women. And she was of a grand nature, And she had - an outspoken soul, And she had -an execellent figure, - And in my pocket not a penny. But for her one needs to present a ring, Splendid wines, perfumes of the best, - And instead of some pleasure She did me a questionable favour. I am, - she said, - Vasya, Devoted to you! I said: For hundred rubles allright, - If more - I shall share with a friend! Women are like purple horses: They begin to gasp, kick over the traces! Maybe, I didnít understand everything, But she left offended. After a month has flown in excitement After a month she returned again. I had such a perception That she had agreed with the offering.        
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018