I live in the best of worlds - I donít need a hut! The earth is my bed, the sky is my shelter, - Shivers run down my spine.   But I am well! I live fine in the land - In the ditch quite on the ground - In pleasant silence. The rays burn - one needs no fire-wood - Anybody may come to me! What a pity - they donít repair the shelter, And in this best of worlds It happens to rain. But I am well! You do not believe - then come, Sit down and do not desire you canít overcome, - Be careful not to wake up! Everything is wonderful - verything above me, - Praised be the lord by me! There is still a hole in the strap, I could ride on the horse - Yet there is no horse. But I am well! All the mischiefs are gossip. I let the strings sound, Sing one after another for three days - Listen to me!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018