Long ago I have realized: We cannot live together, And that you have left - everything is correct, I swear, - And for the good wishes for the holidays - I thank you, And for the greetings I am also not angry. And unnecessarily cares though you write - the husband, but, As apparent he doesní spoil you with pennis, - Thus I say concerning apples - one does not need them, But tobacco and vodka is well. You donít write me about birch-trees, willows - For Christís sake, when not at once Iím somnolent, - However here grow such cedars, Masha, That Iím not at all missing the pines. You write to me about the film "Doroga" in the cinema And that there were thousands of people at the ticket-office, - But you must know that here are many people too And that cinemas happen to be in our country. Now generally I agree - the supervisor is angry, And I stop the best wishes and keep well! Your former husband, you former blood-sucker ...And you know, Masha, you know, - come!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018