Like everybody, we happen to be merry and ill-humoured, If you have to choose and the option is difficult, - We choose the wooden costumes, - Peaple! People! One will long suggest to us not to miscaculate: "Alas, - it is said, - how are you! You have not lived yet! You must only just begin!.." - Now and there decide: Either - or. Either beaches, first viewings of exhibitions or even Steamers, in them a freight of pillar- mirrors, Coaches, races, routs, voyages - Or simply wooden costumes. And they will be merry or ill-humoured, Amd will be in the roles of malicious buffoons and good judges, - But the wooden costumes are recommended to us, - People, People! It may even be suggested to us to begin smoking: "Alas, - remember, - youíve not smoked so long! Yes you have not begun to live!" - Now and then decide: Either - or. The smoke of a cigarette calls forth something, - One drag - thoughts are merrier, A craving to smoke. Like a craving to smoke! But one must choose the wooden costumes. And they will be polite and so friendly - Offer a happy life on a bowl, - But we shall refuse - and beat them mercylessly, - People! People! People!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018