- Hey, who cried "ai-ai-ai" there? - Well I! I am the White Rabbit. You hurry again? - Beg pardon, Dodo - there are so many different things! With us in the Wonderland try not to bring to an end - Here I run backwards and forwards like a possessed hare, - On two kilogram way I lost two metres in weight. Why, why, fellow citizen, why am I a rabbit - a white one?! If I were a gray one - I should not run but sit. Everybody is awaiting me, call me - and all have to be visited, And I am not able to refuse: I am awfully spineless, - A limit should somehow be drawn for the rabbits! - - But why do you tremble? And why are you white? - Yes, because - ai-ai-ai! - such is my lot. Oh, how I waste - almost the whole day! I run, I run! -But it is said, in childhood he was not white, But he was afraid to miss something - and of anxiety became gray.
Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018