I walked once through the capital and Accidentally hurt two passers-by. And for that was taken to the police, I saw her - and was lost. I donít know, what she was doing there - Obviously she went to get a passport. Young, beautiful, white... And I decided finding her. Went behind her - and remembered the front door. What shall I say to her - that Iím a hooligan however... I have been drinking - and invited the beloved Into the restaurant of the railway-station. Now and the passers-by smiled at her - All the same I simply shout "Help!" - One individual I hit in the mug Did it, because he winked at her. I spread caviare on her sandwich, Money flooded simply like a river. I ordered for her special songs!.. And at the end ordered "Cranes". Promises I gave her until the morning Repeated them to her again and again. I had for five days not robbed anybody, My love at first sight! I said, that my life is lost, I blew my nose and wept into my scarf. And she told me: " I believe you - And am willing to give myself to you for a reasonable price. I beat her, my white bird, - My hot blood boiled over: I understood, what she made at the police My love at first sight.
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018