In our close circle not everybody came in, And once I - damned be the date - I brought him with me and said: "He is with me - pour him something to drink, lads!" He drank as everybody and was obiously glad, And we - received him like a brother... And he sold us all by contract, - I made a mistake - beg pardon, my friends! I donít remember the court - it was unendurable, Then - barracks, cold as the grave, - It seems to me - all around completely night, It was really worse than that. I preserve at least a rest of strength, - He thinks - from here there is no return, He buried us too early, - He made a mistake - trust me, lads! And the day will come - night doesnít last a year, - I shall beg of you, when retribution comes: "I brought him here however - So leave him to me, friends!.."
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018