All has not been as wanted at the beginning, Though everything has been as at the peopleís, But here for some reason they kept silent for a long time, And the songs for them sounded differently, But perhaps, thatís not needed, they are so sad... And a bit merrier is wanted. Now please! We are feeling well, but by far more interesting, If everthing wouldnít be so good, And people thought of sad songs, With me she isnít bored, Iím not bored with her, And loved and praised are songs with soul: Please, sing some more! Now please! Since the Middle Ages similar idylls Nobody of the people had seen: They did not go to cinemas without the other one, They set one anotherís watches - They became cunning to meet quicker, You donít believe it? What? About the children? Now please!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018