A stone lies in the steppe, And beneath it flows water, And on the stone are written the words: "Who goes to the right - Finds nothing, And who goes ahead, Comes nowhere, Who goes to the left - Will understand nothing And even a half-kopek piece will be lost". In front of the stone stand Without horses and without swords And decide: Go or one need not. One of them was bad - He went to the right, And was on his own, - Found nothing, - No villages, no settlements, - And came back. Straight ahead there is no way - Nowhere to arrive, But one examined the incantation And, approaching stealthily, Went straight ahead, - How much he however roamed He reached nowhere, - He returned and drank, And came back. Now and thirdly - there was a fool, He knew nothing and so, He went without caution to the left, If he strode for a long time or shortly He suffered not at all, Drank, walked and rested, Understood nothing, - So he strode through his whole life - And did not disappear and has not gone missing.
Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018