Compared to me is any fakir - now simply a dwarf, I take them for the most petty trendy chaps, - Give me one ticket to Monte Carlo - I shall worry their cheats! I donít let myself be seduced by their beauty, And at the roulette - I shall only cast a glance, - Their croupiers will lick clean my soles, And I am on the train - and on the way back. I shall play on red and on black, And in Monte Carlo I shall climb all over the corners, - Leave to them in their gaming house Only the much vaunted green tables. I shall bring with me a mass of impressions: I shall drink cocktails, listen to Jazz-bands, - I shall bring with me a heap of their money - And the whole currency hand over to a Soviet bank. I speak about everything without bravado - I never joke: I have to face the "turret", - I crawl before our native state, Certainly Iíll have results!
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018