I shall never forget that battle - The air is impregnated with death, And over the horizon in the noiseless rain Fell stars. Another fell - and I lookded ahead: To move alive out of the battle, - Thus my life is tied in a hurry To the silly stars. I already decided: The misfortune has passed And I managed to wriggle out, - Out of the sky fell down a stray star - Directly in the heart. We were told: "The height is needed!" And "Donít spare cartridges!.." There started rolling a second star - To them upon the shoulder straps. The stars are in the sky - like fish in a pond Enough for all with gain. If I were not dead, I should walk at that time Also - a Hero. I would give the Star to the son, Simply - as a memory... On the sky hangs a lost star Nowhere to fall.
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2018