Who said everything is burnt entirely, It is better not to throw seeds into her Who said that the earth died? She let it sometimes not be known. Motherhood canít be denied the earth, Not rob her, not drain her like the sea. Who examined, the earth is burning? No, she became black with the heat. Like furrowed by the set up trenches, Bombcraters gape early, The nerves of the earth lie blank They know of the supernatural agony. She suffered everything, waiting for the end, Donít write down, that the earth is deformed Who said, that the earth doesnít sing, That she is forever struck dumb. She doesnít ring, suppresses the moaning Of all her wounds a relieving compromise however the earth - that is our soul, Boots donít stamp out our souls! Who said, that the earth died? No, she hides her grudge for some time.
© Elisabeth Jelinek. Translation, 2019