If there is someone new near you, You donít know if heís friend or foe... And you donít know with certitude If he is any good, Donít abandon the guy, but try, Bring him onto your climbing team: Let one rope join you both henceforth, And youíll see what heís worth. If a peak makes his spirit weak, If dismay breaks him right away, If when slipping on ice he cries And his fortitude dies, Then he is not your true friend, and He should go away, not stay: Taking him along would be wrong, He is not worth a song. If in pain he does not complain, If he does not retreat or quit, And, though groaning, holds you fast When you fall off the crest; If despite all the plights he fights, Stands awestruck on the conquered heights, Then you can altogether rely On this new friend nearby!
© Yevgeniy Sokolovskiy. Translation, ?