I endured my misfortune All through the springtime ice. The ice broke away, and my soul Tore itself away, Like a stone it went under the water, But misfortune, though she was heavy, Kept beyond the sharp edges.   And misfortune from that day on Searchs for me in the world, Alongside her walks rumour With false stories, But I did not die - The naked willow knew, And still sang with the quail.   Only who told him, Who told my Lord? They betrayed me, they betrayed me, With a slip of the tongue, And, from a passion not his own, He followed after me, And behind him came misfortune and rumour.   He overtook me, caught up, Embraced and picked me up in his arms! But behind him misfortune sat in her saddle And smirked, He could not remain, He was here but one short day, But misfortune, she remained for an eternity.  
Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?