Here the pine branches shiver from their weight, Here alarmed birds twitter, You live in a bewitched, wild forest, From whence leaving is impossible. Let choke-cherries dry like linen on the wind, Let rain fall down on the lilacs, All the same I shall take you away from here To a palace where pipes are playing. For one thousand years your magical place Was hidden from me and from the world, And you think that there is nothing more beautiful Than these enchanted woods. Let there be no dew on the leaves in the morn, Let winter quarrel with the cloudy sky, All the same I shall take you away from here To a bright tower with a balcony on the sea. On what day, at which hour Will you cautiously come out to me When shall I carry you away in my arms To a place which is impossible to find? I will steal you, if theft is pleasant to you, Whether or not wasted my strength in vain, Agree then if only on paradise in a tent If the tower and palace are already taken.
Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?