Each time I fly Moscow - Odessa, Again they donít let the plane take off. But here comes the stewardess all in blue like a princess - Dependable, like the entire civilian air fleet. Over Murmansk - neither cumulous nor rain-clouds, And nonetheless you now fly to Ashkhabad. Kiev, Kharkov, Kishinev are all open, And Lvov is open, but I donít need to go there! They told me: "Today donít even hope - Itís not worth depending on the skies! And again theyíre delaying the flight to Odessa: Now thereís ice on the runway. But to Leningrad - the rooves are dripping, - And why didnít I fly to Leningrad?! To Tbilisi - there itís all clear, there itís warm, Tea grows there, but I donít need to go there! I hear: the Rostovites are flying, But I need to go to Odessa immediately! But I have to go there, where theyíve been shut down for three days, And therefore they delay the flight. I need to go to where they swept up the drifts, Where tomorrow they expect snowfall!.. But anywhere where itís all clear and bright - There itís good, but I donít need to go there! Here theyíre not taking off, while there theyíre not landing, Injustice - Itís sad - but here The stewardess in a bored voice tells us of the landing, Sheís accessible, like the entire civilian air fleet. They opened up the farthest nook, To which rewards donít beckon, The closed port of Vladivostok is open, Paris is open, but I donít need to go there! Weíll take off, itíll clear up - now theyíre ending the flight bans! The liner is bucking, I hear the whine of the turbines... But I still donít trust a thing - they wonít take me, Again theyíll find a bunch of reasons. I have to go to where there are blizzards and fog, Where tomorrow theyíre expecting snowfall! They opened London, Delhi, Magadan - They opened everything, but I donít need to go there! I was right, I can laugh or cry, again thereís a flight delay And theyíre taking us back to the past Well-built, like a "Tupolev", that stewardess Miss Odessa, Resembles the entire civilian air fleet. Again a delay until 8 OíClock - And the citizens obediently wander away... Iím annoyed, the devil take it, And Iíll fly to where theyíll take me!
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?