If a friend suddenly proves Not to be a friend and not an enemy but then If you canít decide Whether he is bad or good Take the fellow into the mountains Risk it, donít toss him away Tie him up in the lifeline with you There youíll understand who is who If the fellow canít handle the mountains If he suddenly goes limp on the glacier And makes a step downward and drops Stumbling and with a cry It means that the one next to you is a stranger Donít swear an oath to him, drive him away They donít take such fellows up there And down here they donít sing about them If he didnít ache and didnít wimper So what if he was gloomy and mad, as long as he came And yet, when you fell from the cliffs He moaned but held on If he followed you as if into battle And upon the summit he stool intoxicated It means that you can rely on him Just like yourself
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?