Who said: "Everything has completely burned up Donít throw any more seeds onto the Earth"? Who said that the Earth has died? No! She was just hibernating for awhile. You canít pull motherhood from the Land, You canít take it away, just as you canít bail out the sea. Who believed that the Earth had burned away? No! She only turned black from grief. Like incisions lay the trenchs, And the heaps gaped like wounds, The exposed nerves of the Earth Know unearthly suffering. She will bear everything, sheíll wait it out. Donít write off the Earth as a cripple! Who said that the Earth doesnít sing, That sheíd be silent forever? No! She rings, the moans are deafening, From all of her wounds, from her vents. Since the Earth is our soul, Donít trample the soul with your boots! Who believed that the earth had burned up? No, she was only hibernating for awhile.
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?