Some believe in Mohammed Some in Allah some in Jesus Some donít believe in anything Not even in the devil, just to spite the rest A good religion was devised by Hindus That after the end we donít die forever Your soul strives upward Youíre born again with the dream But if you lived like a pig You remain a pig Let them look at you slantwise, get used to their reproach Itís only annoying when youíre born again even more caustic But if you saw the death of your enemy during this life In another youíll receive a true, sharp-sighted eye Live your life just like normal Thereís a reason to be happy Since perhaps your soul is heading Back to the chief
Such situations are in the scope of imagination You were proud and respected but got born an idiot But if this position doesnít suit you much Give thanks that He didnít make you into beef Itís better to get it over with right away Than to accumulate offenses Since if youíre going to be a nit-picker Youíll end up a nit
So go ahead and live as a groundskeeper - Youíll be born again as the foreman While after being a slave youíll rise to government minister But if youíre as stupid as a tree youíll be born a Baobab tree And youíll be stuck a Baobad tree for a thousand years until you die It would be annoying to live as a parrot Or as a viper for a long century In life, isnít it much better to be A decent fellow So who is who and who was whom Sometimes we donít know The geneticists go mad from genes and chromosomes Perhaps that shabby tomcat was formerly a scoundrel While this nice fellow was once a good hunting dog Iím leaping with enthusiasm Iím avoiding temptations Such a convenient religion These Indians thought up
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