Take a deep breath, put your arms farther out, Donít hurry, - three - four! Cheerful morale, grace and elasticity! Overall strengthening, And in the morning sobering, If youíre still alive - Gymnastics!   If you are in your apartment, Lay down on the floor - three - four! Carry out the exercize correctly! Get away from outside influences - Get used to the novelty, Take a deep breath and hold it As long as possible!   All over the world the influenza virus Has spread - three - four! Illnesses spread and grow. If you are sickly - you go right away to a coffin! Guard your health Change your hankies!   If you are already tired - Squat - stand, squat - stand, Arenít the Artic and Antarctic frightening to you! Chief Academician Joffe Has shown: coffee and cognac Are to be traded for prophylactic sports!   Itís not necessary to talk about it Squat down until you fall, Now donít be glum and gloomy! If you donít know how Take off what you have to, And take part in aquatic procedures!   Bad news isnít terrifying In response we run in place, Even the beginner wins. The beauty of it is that amoung the runners There is no first or last place, Running in place is an example to the community!  
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?